Colour Challenge Tuesday Orange Ginger Kombi

The Sunshine Coast region produces a large amount of Crystalised Ginger. Most of this is produced by Buderim Ginger who then export this sweet and spicy treat all over the world. The company recently rebranded from the Green and Gold they had used for many years to bright Orange. Part of their promotion is this great Orange Kombi van.

IMG_3318.JPG photo by @stephen-somers iPhone 6s

IMG_4866.PNG Thanks @bearone for the teamaustralia banner

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Nice color friend,,,,

great job in capturing the color today, my friend.

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Nice pos

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I remember going to Buderim Ginger numerous times with my parents (and maybe even school - I lived in Gympie for years 11-12) when I was a teenager.


Great did you go to Gympie High or James Nash?
My aunt and uncle were ginger farmers and I made pocket money doing the harvest on weekends and spring holidays. I actually own a few shares in the company. I love the crystallised ginger coasted in Dark chocolate.


Good old Gympie High.

I want that van!! Love it. I'm a ginger so I need it :)


Ginger ninja in the Ginger van. Lol be great to see.