ThursdayGreen in Angkor Wat

Today I want to participate in the Colorchallenge "Thursdaygreen" with a great green photograph of mine from Angkor Wat. This picture is just as fresh as the green on it as it got taken last Sunday during a weekend trip to Siem Reap.

I hope you like it and in case you want to see more pictures of Angkor Wat you may check out the other Posts on my blog @Starflyer-9000


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looks good


thank you :)

What's up @starflyer-9000 , it's a very nice picture and very beautiful to be enjoyed, everyone would love to see it, blend of colors and nice light make the picture more amazing, do not forget to visit also my page, I also have some good pictures for you @wahyusaputra


Hey @wahyusaputra, thank you very much for your appreciation on my picture :) It is actually my new favorite as it´s just so beautiful. I was really lucky to have such a good light at that moment :)

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