Color Challenge Friday - Blue

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Ever felt that you were being watched? Well I have. The steely blue fish a Barracuda and they are know for their intensity and their ferocity.

While on a trip in the Bahamas I was swimming along a reef looking to get some images of a few reef fish hand hopefully find an octopus. While doing this I was joined by a pack of three barracudas. They were swimming just behind me and off to one side. They weren't interested in me, but they were using me to hide their presents. As we swam fish would come out of the reef and WHAM one of the barracuda had some lunch. After I'd had seen this behaviour several times I quickly change my swimming direction and moved away from the fish. I didn't want any larger predators coming around to see what was happening.

On one hand this was very interesting and smart behaviour, on the other I did not like being put in that position, that for sure.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday everyone.


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looks like its heading to the mooonn!!!

You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

They weren't interested in me but they were using me to hide their presents and as we swam fish would come out of the reef and WHAM on of the barracuda had some lunch.
It should be one of the instead of on of the.

Wow beautiful shot!! You are brave! Barracudas have razor sharp teeth and have been known for tearing pray apart with just one bite. They have super long teeth, scary but really cool fish 🎣 thank you for sharing!

Hola @scottdphoto
Entiendo perfectamente. He leído sobre ellas y de verdad son pequeñas pero sumamente agresivas. Aquí dejo un corto vídeo.
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo

Fuente: youtube

WOW, excellent blue photo, and amazing capture, congratulaions my friend. regards.

I am amazed, that baracuda is so well light...nice lightening and colorgarding

Oh! What a beautiful photo! I love it! I'm doing this challenge too. I hope you can see my post. Keep doing this!

That's history! To swim with those fish! Good thing they didn't eat you.