ColorChallenge - IndigoSaturday - Surfing in Huntington Beach

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Beautiful day for a surf. They hardly had any room without running into each other!

Beautiful day in southern California so I present these bonus pictures from Palos Verdes. The island pictured in the distance is Catalina Island: California's only island with a town on it.




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Palos Verdes? That's a weird name for a place. Green sticks.


Lol I guess you're right, we don't even think about the name that much anymore. I know there is a tree called Palo verde.

Great shots! Would love to visit California one day. Our beaches here in Florida are great but those views you all have are Awesome! Thanks for sharing and Good luck.

Such a beautiful place. The blue color looks as it is a soft and immense sheet over California and the surfers are just there, enjoying with the softness of the sea.

What a beautiful view. I like the picture of the people doing surfing. Its cool. Such a great day. Have fun dude.

totally love the 3rd one. so great

Beach is beautiful,

Great shots Amazing

Beautiful .... 😍😍