Color challenge saturday indigo - Stamens.

in colorchallenge •  6 months ago

Here's my contribution today for the #colorchallenge contest hosted by @kalemandra. I am displaying a stamens picture of a very large flower. I do not know by the name of the flower that has this great stamens. But I am very interested to take the picture because there is a clear water droplets on the stem. I think this is a very amazing picture. Hope you guys like it.


Camera smartphone Xiaomi redmi note 4x + macro lens.


Camera smartphone Xiaomi redmi note 4x.

Thank you for your support. May you always be happy wherever you are.

Warm greetings and please follow me @rizasukma.

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Ini photography yang hebat @rizasukma,saya benar-benar suka, ini pasti bunga kuping gajah.


Terima kasih @teungkumerdu. :-)

Dimana ketemu itu bunga bang


Dihalaman depan rumah bang @ojaatjeh. :-)

Aq keknya pernah liat bunga ini di kampung, tapi lupa namanya bg...


Saya juga sudah tidak ingat lagi dengan nama bunga ini. Terima kasih @jamanfahmi.

Wow...sangat-sangat indah...


Terima kasih @wandairawan :-) :-).

Oooman tijoh ie babah


Bek tuwo neulab bangrully. :-) :-) :-) Hahaha..