ColorChallenge - Wednesday Yellow Cupcakes

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Hi Everyone,

For today's Color Challenge, I decided to share some photos of my wife's Lemon Meringue Pie Cupcakes. My wife is a baker and her creations always provide such interesting colors and textures, that it is impossible to not photograph them. Her homemade lemon curd, spring daffodils in the background, sliced lemon and ribbon on the cake stand provide a wonderful array of yellows that make me feel refreshed and happy. I decided to add a few more photos in case anyone likes to bake as well!

I'm not sure about the etiquette of linking to other sites, but if anyone is interested in the recipe, she has it on her blog that I can give you in the comments.

Lemon Cupcakes 1.jpg

Lemon Cupcakes 2.jpg

Lemon Cupcakes 4.jpg

Lemon Cupcakes 3.jpg

All photos were taken on a Nikon D7100 in April 2014. If you want to know the settings or lens used on a specific shot, just ask!



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