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What a boring title, I know. But how should I name the post for the red color challenge with red photos?

At least I didn't switch the day like last week and use orange shots.

I'm sure @otage would know better about the title. He has good imagination and ideas.


This puppy should draw some attention.

All Edmontonians will admire its cleanliness regardless of the brand or color.

Our car's color is unrecognizable in the winter up here north.

In Dubai, you pay the fine if the police caught you with the dirty car.

Seriously. I'm not joking.


I like this simple decoration in the hotel dining room.


Red is the official color of Dubai I would guess.

It's present everywhere.


Never enough of it.


And sometimes even too much.


The last one is from Amsterdam Airport.

Should I tag it NSFW?

I don't want the steem sex police to chase me. I noticed some sensitive souls and drama today.

Gays are new normal these days, but these pigs?

I'm not sure about their activities but that xxx's also have some meaning.

Maybe we can find a Dutch guy ( @exyle ) to enlighten us, what these souvenirs are all about.

That was today's contribution to the steemit blockchain.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


I must say this post show different flavors of red from car to decoration piece.

Should I tag it NSFW! Thank you @oldtimer for the much needed laugh.

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comment.

Sweet looking ride

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I really enjoyed your Monday red.
Really liked the flower piece which is so simple but so beautiful.
Have a great day @oldtimer

Lol. I know some people who have terribly dirty cars. Can't last a second in Dubai.

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At least in Dubai their car doors won't freeze shut if they try to wash their cars in February. Lovely red photos!

The color red is an attention drawer regardless if it is a car or any other thing. Very nice. Thanks for sharing @oldtimer

LOL how much is the fee for having a dirty car in Dubai? Depends on how dirty it is? Also the Red and XXX is because of the red light district I’m pretty sure but @exyle is way more Dutch than me 🤣

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Great pictures and post, thanks for sharing. Please kindly follow and support my posts with upvotes, thanks.

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Hi @oldtimer!



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Its against the law to have a dirty car in Dubai? Wonder what they would think of the souvenirs then lol???

But you can drive 130 km/h.

Haha! NSFW!!! Oh, my!!! I think you may have to. Unless, of course, it is a Dutch thing.

Howdy sir oldtimer! These are a great collection of red photo sir, well done!
Strangely my favorite is the classly flowers in the vase.

Hi, @oldtimer!

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