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ah0aha nice

The fruits are looking so colorful

Предлагаю название... "Кислотный"))))


Отличное название!

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Those colours work really well together, beautiful!

Another beautiful bouquet! Love the colors. :)

It's beautiful you have a lot of creativity, I congratulate you. I vote for you I invite you to visit my profile. Thank you.

Really very beautiful food flowers..i love your food dear

A beautiful bouquet of INDIGO

it's awesome...

Красотище, ну наконец-тоя дождался Вашего очередного поста.

A beautiful bouquet of fruits :)
Was this a present for someone?

Wow, this is amazing and it looks to beautiful.Thanks to you to capture this type of photograph.

так инжирину захотелось съесть)

Very fresh composition. Looks healty @nadin3