⏩ Color Challenge Tuesday : ORANGE Carrots / Baked Chicken / Potatoes ! ⏪

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⏩😋 Let Me Make You Hungry ! This is a great day to share the awesome dinner we had tonight with my fellow steemians in the Orange Color Challenge ! The dinner was easy , healthy and delicious of Carrots boiled with Red Potatoes Served beside Seasoned and baked Chicken Thighs ! Mmmmmm So Yummy ! I hope you guys enjoy my photos , Especially the BRIGHT ORANGE CARROTS !! Buggs Bunny would be proud ! 😋⏪

😋 Mmmm! You can see the butter melting ! 😋

😋 Lets get cooking i'm starved !!



😋 Season chicken thighs with La Grille for chicken / Garlic powder / Italian spice blend / Salt / Paprika !





⏩😋 Dinners Ready !! I Made A Plate Just For You !! 😋⏪

😋⏩ Thanks for stopping by , your support is much appreciated ! ⏪😋

😢 Sorry I have not been posting much on this account @momskitchen lately , as im trying to hit level 70 reputation on my @karenmckersie account , which I have been stuck on level 69 for over 6 MONTHS NOW ! And im currently at 69.921 !

@karenmckersie / @momskitchen

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⏩😋Mmmmm ! Love Baked Chicken and Carrots !! Yummo !!

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yummm!! lOoking delicous I feel hungry to watch this food


Thanks ! im glad you liked my food post !👍💕😋🍗

Wow this food is delicious ..I like this food ..Thanks a lot of dear sharing my favorite food.


Awe thanks for your kind reply ! im glad you liked my food post !✌👍😋

A good mom😀


Awe thanks your so awesome !!😋🍗💕👍

So nice thanks for sharing keep it up and also so nice user name


Thank you for your Kind reply !


Thank you @doitvoluntarily ! im glad to make you hungry !👍💕😋🍗

Wow! Nice, It's good for health.. you can visit my profile, hope you will like my photography...@shoot


Thanks ! im glad you liked it !✌👍💕😋

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tasteful and delicious


Thank you ! im glad you liked it !✌👍💕

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Thanks !✌👍💕