Colorchallenge Wednesday Yellow : Flower Decor in Wedding

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The wedding decoration are incomplete, if we don't use flower in decoration. The different types of flower props are used to decorate the wedding function place. In these pic, you can see the flowers are used to decorate the place to make different shapes and sizes of props. These are looking wonderful. The majority of flowers are in yellow color and some are orange color.

So, this is my entry for today's #colorchallenge Yellow.

Colorchallenge Wednesday Yellow : Flower Decor in Wedding


photographs from different angle and zoom



Yellow Color Steeming

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That's some nice flower deco. Wedding, was that your's? :P

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Very beautiful pictures sir..

Very awesome and cool photography have done by you. Flower decoration always attract people minds.

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well decorated and looking very nice.

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You done very good job

Wooww so beautifull flowrs lokking awsome

i am following you @mehta

looks amazing!

Very nice flowers decorations.

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Actually yes ,this is amazing
Our country is colourful and There is a lot of diversity in our country specially in North India
Thank you for indicating this feature.

अरे वाह मेहता जी आप फोटोग्राफी भी शानदार करते है जितना अच्छा आप ज्ञान देते है।

Nice and cool photography. I like it and want to see more from you.

Yellow and Orange Colour Marigold Flowers and statue of the clarinettist. Although the wedding decorations are beautiful I have never seen a statue of the clarinettist.

I like a statue of the clarinettist.

It's really amazing decoration with yellow and orange flowers. What a creative mind is used for decorating the entrance.

This traditional Indian wedding ceremony is a beautiful event. .... easy: needle, fishing line and flowers...

Very beautiful colors for a wedding decoration, happy and alive!

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