On the Patience of Magnolias-- #ColorChallenge, FridaySkyBlue

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Good morning Steem World,

January is a sleepy and contemplative time of year here in the northern hemisphere. Even on the often-sunny California coast near San Francisco, the Magnolias are asleep, gathering their energy, getting ready to burst into a dazzling sight of vivid color.


But... before they bloom, each bud lies in wait. At this time of year, the trees have this beautiful, ethereal look, bare and skeletal, yet so clearly full of hidden life just beginning to peek out from underneath their covers.

When silhouetted against a bright sky of blue with whispy pillows of white, the fuzzy buds and bare branches are highlighted, creating a contrast that blows me away every single year. I never get tired of it no matter how many times I see it. The few brave buds of my favorite pink Magnolia tree beginning to open near the end of January are the prelude to the full show soon to come. I am reminded that no matter how dreary, cold or rainy it gets (let's be real, in the Bay area it pretty much never ever snows, but it can still get darn cold and wet sometimes!), the magnolias know the meaning of patience, they know when the time is right. They know just how to cheer you up as you, too, wait for the spring to come and warm the earth.

Thanks for reading! If you like this, please let me know with a comment if you'd like, upvote if you want to, or, just enjoy! I hope these thoughts bring you a little bit of joy.

Haiku for today:

be kind, winter wind-
wisdom sleeps, waiting, beneath
skies of brightest blue

ColorChallenge is open to all, and was created by @kalemandra - please do check out her work!

Have a lovely day, everyone!


Magnolias, my favorite flower :) I once jotted in a notebook "I am sure the magnolias bloom just for me."

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