ColorChallenge - MondayRed Roses, Balloons and How To Remove Watermelon seeds

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Well, DaDa is full of joy because i'm free to communicate in visual form which is beyond languages. My only limit is my drawing skills, but it is also developing from day to day. Different languages separate people but art brings them together. My pictures are simple but expressive, i hope you'll like them.



Képernyőkép – 2018-06-04 07-35-44.png

Feel free to use my DaDa art, I'll reward the best ones! See my post:

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Képernyőkép – 2018-06-02 09-10-04.png
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
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for any purpose, even commercially.

Click on the image to see my other DaDa drawings:
Képernyőkép – 2018-06-02 11-10-17.png

You can also find me at SOLA:

Mannabase is an online platform for the world’s first Universal Basic Income cryptocurrency. You are also welcome!

My artworks and prints for sale:


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I do! They exude happy and give off such a delightful feeling!

Great artwork😍

hi kalemandra, nice post, loved the Watermelon pic.. Thanks for posting

Thanks @kalemandra for doing colors in for the days of the week! Can't wait for the next ones!

If we can take off a watermelon seeds like that.
that's awesome!!
Thanks for make tag  #colorchallenge.
This is my entry : Tue-Orange &Wed-Yellow