ColorChallenge - FridaySkyBlue - Early autumn sky with fluffy clouds

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Dear Steemies! Today is blue, FridaySkyBlue!
Color your life and STEEM on!

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work. (A. P. J. Abdul Kalam)




Photos: @kalemandra
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I invite you all to this permanent challenge! Color your day with your own photo or artwork, relating the color of the current day. We have 7 chakras with the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow has 7 colors. A week is equal to 7 days. Days are colors.


What to do?

Resteem and upvote this post (if you want).
Post something (photo, artwork) with the color of the day.
The photos must be original content!
Don't forget to title and tag your post: #ColorChallenge (first tag!)
and tag the color day as well.
Repeat it 7 times or more, with the 7 colors.

Feel free to use my daily colorchallenge banners:

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Good Morning my friend 💖💖
Beautifull colorchallenge and always be happy💖

Oke @kalemandra thank for sharing

so beautiful, seems like I am in a different world, altogether. Clouds are amazing. Upvoted

I always say that the sky is my garden! I water it with my eyes! This is a beautiful post and congrats! I will see if I can find something to post later! Blessings! Stephen

Oh! And Upvoted!

Delighted to see this post here. I am new and i was thinking from where i would get the details. Please check my post too as i already made my first contribution in this challenge today.


Those clouds are so thick and fluffy they almost look like you could snuggle up and sleep on them!

Super nice clouds. These brings my mind already to next week when I shall fly off to the USA for a week of enjoyment. When flying to 10-12km above earth I always like it when I can see these type of clouds.