ColorChallenge: TuesdayOrange

ColorChallenge: TuesdayOrange

Blooms of Bliss
JealousyJane Editorial
Published in Gilded Magazine
Art Director Sheila Ferguson JealousyJane
Photog JealousyJane TN
Model Dakota Bruton @Michelle McCloud- Bruton
Hair and makeup Sheila Ferguson Sheila Ferguson
Fresh Flowers purchased from Bloomington Community Farmers' Market
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Sheila Ferguson is a 30-something year-old Canadian-American Fashion Designer, Photographer, Author and Entrepreneur. Artistic expression- her focus. Ferguson studied Studio Art and Creative Writing at Indiana University. Her artistic talents have taken her on a multidisciplinary journey that is constantly evolving, but one she has nevertheless named JealousyJane. Her work is frequently published internationally in magazines, galleries, and websites.

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