Color Challenge - Friday Sky Blue

in #colorchallenge3 years ago

Hello Steemaliens

This is my entry for today’s color challenge Friday Sky Blue. Today was another beautiful warm spring like day. To bad the cold will return for another round tomorrow. The moon is now more visible with the time change as well. Captured on my iPhone7.

Happy weekend & Until next time steem On :)

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thanks for sharing the wonderful color challenge.I enjoyed seeing it

Thank you & glad you enjoyed!
Steem on :)

Beautiful picture! It almost looks like an angel in the sky...

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I could see that too!
Thanks & Steem On :)

Such a beautiful sky, I like how the greens and blues compliment each other

I agree they do compliment well here.
Thanks & Steem On!

Cheers and I hope you weekend is going well

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