ColorChallenge Red Monday- The Gift of Blood

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Here is my newest contribution to colorchallenge mondayred by @kalemandra
I hope that it encourages at least one of you to donate

Apologies if these are not the best of photographic entries, but for me, the beauty of a photograph is the story that it tells or which lies behind it.


I am a blood donor. Not the most prolific, but with 31 pints donated, statistics suggest that I have potentially helped to save 93 lives (* I am sure that emergency staff and medics do the real life saving*)

ESPECIALLY with my rare (but not the rarest) and precious O Rhesus Negative Blood that does not mark me as one of the Lizard overlords, but instead makes my blood universal. It means that anyone can receive it and in emergencies that can make a difference .

That's why I relish the opportunity to donate. That and the Tunnocks Teacakes whose wrapper forms the background above

Giving blood is relatively painless(it feels like a wee scratch) and it is over before you know it. It is also a time that I use to relax and meditate

cpt_1499423730207 (1).jpg

If donating blood is something that you can do or could do, I ask you now to do it. You will be a life-saver

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