Color Challenge Tuesday Orange 16.01.2018 (Entry No. 1 Orange is everywhere / Orange ist überall) HomeArtPictures Originalcontent (HQ Photos)

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Dear Steemians,

my contribution to the #colorchallenge of @kalemandra, deals with the color orange. Again, I have managed to bring you some photos that have the color orange as the main tone. These colorful pictures always have a motivating effect on me as well. So dear Steemians, I wish you a relaxed and sunny Tuesday and have fun watching my pictures.


Hallo liebe Steemians,

mein heutiger Beitrag zur #colorchallenge von @kalemandra, beschäftigt sich mit der Farbe Orange. Auch diesmal ist es mir gelungen, euch einige Fotos mitzubringen, welche die Farbe Orange als Hauptton haben. Diese Farbenfrohen Bilder habe auch mich immer eine Motivierende Wirkung. Also liebe Steemians, ich wünsche euch einen entspannten und sonnigen Dienstag und viel Spaß beim Betrachten meiner Bilder.





Photo by @HomeArtPictures

In the future you will find the majority of my pictures and reports under the #passionforphotography

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Mir wird ganz warm ums Herz :-)


na das ist doch auch schön....

so ein toller post und super photos danke!




aber natürlich!

I resteemed i like this photography so much!

This is beautiful.

In your photography we see reality that's whay we like yours post


thanks a lot....

The first shot looks very interesting. Is it like a long exposure or something else?


Thank you, no it was not a long time exposure, the lake was only very quiet. It was not a wind.


You're welcome. Thanks for your reply

beautiful photos and amazing friends, I really like your results I always wait for your work.
good luck always for all

All the shots are beautiful, but the flower is gorgeous! :)