ColorChallenge - Tuesday Orange - ORANGE ROSE - 20180904

in colorchallenge •  3 months ago

ColorChallenge - Tuesday Orange - ORANGE ROSE

This is an unusual ORANGE ROSE - My first time seeing an orange rose


Just a quick photo of an ORANGE ROSE . . . .


Photo taken by me . . . . .


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I have never seen such a color in a rose. Exquisite.


Yes, Exquisite is a proper description. Thanks.

You call it an unusual color. I agree, it is unusual but very pretty.


It is very pretty, I agree.


This orange color is very nice

roses are very beautiful. Your photos are perfect.
Regards @goldkey


Thanks for the compliment.


You are welcome.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thanks for the ssg-community support.

This pic brightened my day.


I am glad that it brightened your day. . . it brightened my day too.