ColorChallenge - Thursday Green - Green M*A*S*H VEHICLE

in colorchallenge •  9 months ago

Green - M * A * S * H - VEHICLE

A photo of a Green - M * A * S * H - VEHICLE . . .

I'm walking into Sam's Club in Midwest U.S.A. & I stumble across a ...

Green - M * A * S * H - VEHICLE

OK - This is cool.


For those unaware, M * A * S * H was an extremely popular TV series during the 70's and 80's. It still plays on several cable television channels.

The show was based on M * A * S * H Unit 4077, for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. The setting for the television show was the Korean War. The show was situational comedy and covered numerous issues of life and death, war and peace, and perspectives from army personnel and civilian draftees. The show often commented on war while also protesting war.

Of course, Hawkeye was my favorite character.


I was amused to see this Green - M * A * S * H - VEHICLE.

Thanks to whoever converted their pickup to this Green - M * A * S * H - VEHICLE.

Here's the unadjusted photo . . .

Photo taken by me . . . . .

by @goldkey


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Nice find!! Only thing missing is Hot Lips Houlihan, although if you asked I bet Klinger would do the photo shoot. Great show and cool truck. I always struggled when Hunnicutt left.


Yup, looked for "Hot Lips" in the passenger seat . . . nope, no one there.

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital pretty cool but much better if it was a 1950s truck. The only way I knew it was not a current unit was the 4077th.


Yup! It was very hard to realize it was a recent model. It was a lot of work.

Its always cool seeing some cool rides. If I ever see this I will post it here and let you know. lol

I haven’t seen the show actually, but I’ve definitely heard of it so that’s a pretty cool spotting!

Man this looks cool, you even got the sun in the background making it look like a scene from a film.

so beautifull car.very nice post here,thanks.

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