[PHOTO] Color Challenge (Friday: blue) - Lenin Square with Finnish Train Station

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Park Facility

23ani30.gif DEUTSCH 23ani30.gif
23ani30.gif ENGLISH 23ani30.gif
Farbe Herausforderung - Leninplatz mit Finnischer Bahnhof
Color Challenge - Lenin Square with Finnish Train Station
#colorchallenge by @kalemandra
#colorchallenge by @kalemandra

Colored Pen
Color Challenge - Lenin Square with Finnish Train Station (Colored Pen)

Color Challenge - Lenin Square with Finnish Train Station (Cartoonizer)

23ani30.gif REGELN 23ani30.gif
23ani30.gif RULES 23ani30.gif
Montag: rot
Monday: red
Dienstag: orange
Tuesday: orange
Mittwoch: gelb
Wednesday: yellow
Donnerstag: grün
Thursday: green
Freitag: blau
Friday: blue
Samstag: tiefblau
Saturday: indigo
Sonntag: lila
Sunday: purple


23ani30.gif MEHR 23ani30.gif
23ani30.gif MORE 23ani30.gif
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Just WOW, Where IS it? Beautiful Place and Your photo Work is amazing, lovd it...

I am a mobile photographer, you can check out some of my work from here @smrizvysarker , Will you please resteem my one post, and if you like my work don't forget to upvote and i am following you hope you give me a follow back.

Thanks in advance

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welcome and thanks for your respond

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