#colorchallenge : Uncommon Source for #tuesdayorange

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Color, color, color. Who could have thought that some colors could come from uncommon things? This is my contribution to the daily #colorchallenge post by @kalemandra.


Can you see the ground color? This is typical of ground in many African countries (I have only visited one) 😂 but I know how many if them look.

I got the image during my trip volunteering at a rural community last month. The image above shows the major roadway leading to adjoining villages. Each village usually has a pathway surrounded by farmlands leading to many buildings. You can see some 👇


More orange floor photo 👇


The area is characterized by a lateritic ground. The soil has many usefulness, which I will discuss on a later post. What kind of soil is common in your area? Please share let's learn.


My Signout Message Is :

A Child That Travels Knows More Than an Old Man That Doesn't Travel.



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