#colorchallenge : Indigo Saturday

in colorchallenge •  5 months ago


Simply beautiful.

This is my contribution to the daily #colorchallenge post. Today is weekend and it is #saturdayindigo. I got the image during my trip volunteering. There are so many things yet to be shared from it.


My Signout Message Is:

Memories Are Best Cherished When Linked To Existing Things.



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Nice piicture and the flower colour is too bright. Perfect click. Thanks to share this photography.


Thanks for coming around @emilysimmons. I was opportuned to sight the flower.


Thanks :(

Me gusta tu foto amigo...



Hello, it is a flower of beautiful and deep color, it is simply beautiful and it is wonderful that you have had the opportunity to have seen and photographed it.

I would never have known this is an indigo colour...
Nice shot dear @emjoe...


Thanks, I guess there are many shades of indigo :)

Thanks for coming around

I don't know much about photography, but it is an amazing color the one you captured. I really liked it.

Best regards.


Thanks so much @joelsegovia.

Best regards too :)


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