Monday Red Good Morning "Crimson Red Sky"

in colorchallenge •  2 years ago 

Good morning steemians I know it is twelve am but so what I wanted to surprise you with a crimson reed sunrise bye guys. challenge inspired by    @wandimaru  ,  @deanliu@lindagee@nelyp , @w0olf ,  @deisip67  ,  @amy-goodrich ,  @gusvzla ,  @ivymalifred ,  @joslud ,  @betamusic ,  and @kid4life  they all participate in the steemit photo challenges.

早安呃,我知道这是十二点,但是我想用深红色的芦苇日出再见。由@wandimaru@deanliu@lindagee@nelyp,@ w0olf,@ deisip67,@ amy-goodrich,@gusvzla@ivymalifred@joslud@betamusic和@ kid4life启发的挑战,他们都参与了严格的照片挑战。 

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