📷 #ColorChallenge-🌹💮🌷MondayRed-The RED ROSE🌹🌺🌸The Magnificent Beauty, Looks Stunningly Beautiful!😊Enjoy Watching👍!

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There is definitely something so very special about "The Red Rose", though, I love all the Roses, all shades, all colors and varieties. However, when it comes to the Red Rose, I am kinda "Speechless" of its "Sheer Beauty and Ever Amazing Aura" that surrounds the Red Rose all the time!!! Absolutely...Eye Popping !!!

Super favourite amongst all the generations, young n old, the greatest party flower, evergreen for all the fun, festivities and celebrations, anywhere and everywhere!!! Its one...and the one...that always stands out for its Popularity!!! The Bright Red color is heart warming, energetic, charming and absolutely vivacious!!!

So...In the captures, the first one is really big...big n impressive of its size and color, I was in total awe of it. The second capture is wonderfully interesting...the moment I saw two of them , together...It was like...Awww...So cute "The Love Affair"...it actually feels like that, while standing there, up & close !!!

Hope you like the captures!!!



Thanks for reading & watching!

Wishing you all Good luck, with Lots of Love!!! Cheers!

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Very beautiful and so lovely, Bro. Nice shots of red roses. These Red roses look astonishing and must be spreading their awesome fragrance in the garden. Upped & resteemed.

Thank you so much!!! @cryptofairy really appreciate that kind gesture.
Cheers! :)

I've been stalking your blog for days,
looking for a new "flower fix" from you
and these luscious crimson roses
do not disappoint!
Have a fantastic day! @amitsharma

lovely rose

The red rose holds the notion of love and being in love or that is how I was led to believe when I was a teenager.

This is just beautiful and it is plain to see, it is meant for someone very special! Hi @amitshama!

Happy ColorchallangeRed!

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Hi @amitsharma, I like your post.
Nature is a beautiful bouquet . Its fragrance and beautifully we get happiness. your Rose flower photo is too good. I'll follow you. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much!!! @arunsanam really glad you liked the post. Mother nature is supreme.
Much appreciated.
Cheers! :)

it is very beautiful rose!

Thank you so much! Dear Deepak. @ahlawat
Much appreciated.

looks very beautiful rose.
Beautiful nature of god.

Glad you liked! @himanshurajoria Thank you so much! :) :)

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It really is wonderful picture

As always, you really take amazing photos sir!
Those are beautiful captures of the red roses.
Come to think of it whenever I take photos of my grandmas roses in the garden she hardly has red roses. Most of them are white and pink.
Thank you for sharing these photos and lovely message!
Hope you have a great day ahead!

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https://steemit.com/@amitsharma Most welcome very nice your pdewdrops-flora-flower-56866.jpgost

Lovely art images and what a grasping piece to have captured. award deserving picture. You waited for a long term to get the favored perfection and all of it is really worth the wait. lovable view and fantastic surroundings. Hold up the best work.

Flowers are the gifts of the Creator to increase the beauty of the earth. Flower from flowers, fruit from flowers. The tree gives a smooth shadow

bellas rosas

Lovely roses!

fabulous sir u made me nature lover... :p

nice.... abhut acha laga...
i liked it a lot good shots.
plllzzz mujhe bhi batao koi kaise milti hai itni steem plllzzz jo help krega mai unke sare ke sare posts upvote, comment , resteem sb krunga soo plllzzzz....

Nice photo

I think you are going to be a great photographer. great photography @amitsharma

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