Colorchallenge Friday Sky-Blue: Sky of the city of Juliaca

in colorchallenge •  2 years ago 

Friday #colorchallenge Sky-Blue. This #colorchallenge is thanks to @kalemandra.

the city of Juliaca is cold climate, and is surrounded by hills, everything is very dry, and more at this time of year, where the frost falls.

the vegetation dies, and the hills are discovered. giving this city of Peru a desert image, and its sky completely clear.

Sky of the city of Juliaca




36698458_1841504019250625_8212750817468350464_n (1).jpg

El azul es uno de mis colores Favoritos, y combinado con el viernes, inicio mi fin de Semana Feliz.!!

Photographs taken by my Iphone 4S

Thanks for reading me.



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Bravissimo ,queste foto sono bellissime

Gracias por tu comentario..!

Estan linditas :D

gracias amiga..!