ColorChallenge - FridaySkyBlue - Garden Gecko

in colorchallege •  11 months ago

This bright, blue Gecko hangs on my fence near the Raspberry patch and is the perfect color for today's challenge. I enjoy having a few pieces of garden art here and there throughout the yard. When you happen upon a piece they make you smile somehow. Fun Vibes!

Thank you to @kalemandra for creating this wonderul challenge.

Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you enjoyed it.
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Sure is the perfect color for today's challenge and so cute :)

Have a great day


Right back at ya!

Nice little gecko you got there crawling around on your fence :)


Thanks @jerry12 I like the colorful little guys.

Nice color and skills! I appreciate your efforts.

Cool, i like it! Thanks for sharing!

I love coming across these happy little pieces in yards. Brings a smile to my face, every time! Happy Friday! The weekend is upon us!


I know, love little critters scattered here and there, so fun. Have a great wknd.


You too!

Amazing blue too catch the eyes ! thanks for shairing


You are welcome @fkofficials glad you liked it.

Wow what a bright colored gecko!
Hope it eats all the bad bugs and not just hands out all day looking cool ;-)>


hahahaha he is my mascot for the gardens, guarding my raspberry harvest.


SO he pulls his weight then ;-)>

Beautiful colors!

Wish I could reSteem this cute little gecko! @sunscape