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RE: The Heart and Soul of the New Decentralized World

Authority also has become a 'corporate thing' a corporation buying itself into authoroty and lawfully a corporation gets a kind of human right eventhough it aint human.
When a corporation goes out of business that corporation has more rights then the humans that work for that corporation, the corporation will not go hungry, but the humans might starve to death. While the owner of that corporation just takes a run for it and starts a new business the very next day, buying himself into a new authoritative role. This real world backwardsness is embedded in all the decentralized things as hosting is a corporate business..
Now i'm not sure what it is that i'm saying here. I only see a bit of a mess on top of another mess. And on top of all of that a new corporate mind will take a seat and assume a authoritative role. And people will flock to it. And nothing really changes.

It should be possible to remove the corporate variable from this equation and still make it work, truly decentralized, but then also the account system should be removed.
By removing the account, password and ID this would provide a new kind of online privacy.

for this, personal data should only exist on a personal computer , not in a online data storage. then that personal computer becomes the 'account alternative' this way privacy lives at home (but can be backed up and scattered over an online filesystem in encrypted files)
I think @shepz1 should have a look at this brainwave. :-)
Still public discussions could be held buy using the personal computer as the account that generates posts into a blockchain without the need of having a domain name as such. This could be done in a TOR like fashion. This way everything is encrypted, and even the domain name system gets decentralized.

I'm slightly drifting off-topic. But thanks for triggering these brainwaves. :-)
Maybe @palikari123 also could have a look at this.

In a way i would like to write an article about this or see several people write articles about this that lock horrns and look at it from different diciplines.
bus also if this can withstand a crisis like the one in Venezuela
I mean, modern cars fail yet old barrels that where build in the 80's are able to kept running. Technology has failed big time from that perspective.

How to make things simple / reliable yet advanced enough for todays needs.


Thanks B for the enthusiasm.

You are right about the corporations. They can commit crimes and no one ever goes to jail. They pay fines! No one is even blamed. It is the “corporation” that did it.

I guess the way I look at it is that the people living in the present world see through “perceptions”. Perceptions do not equal truth.

Also in this world, it is all about power. Power is important because humans are at war constantly with other humans.

If you consider all this you can see why justice is so rare. It is hard for people speaking the truth to present enough power to enact justice.. People are not united in a powerful way as everyone has their own “perceptions” and need or fear of power.

I really believe that the corporations and their misdeeds will only be righted once the underlying base that supports them is removed. When people operate on logic rather that perception, when people are united through the authority of logic they will have power.. When humans are united or interact through logic they will no longer be able to demonize ( a fallacy) one another and wage terrible war.

We live in the wild, wild west where power rules even though it is unjust and perceptions have every one against another.

Anonymity is an important aspect of this. I believe blochchain technology will help greatly. One for privacy, two, to prevent power centralization.. What you said is all good.

I hope more people are able to consider this. We need to focus more on solutions I believe. Thanks again!

The corporation then says:
Thats fine is fine with me.

The justice system should be more just.
That means that justice just ain't all that just just yet

the blockchain is not really helping privacy as crooks are able to look into our wallets without being seen BY US. I wnat to know who what where when why looked into my wallet. and then still my privacy was affected just by looking.
I have curtains, i have a door in my house, but on the blockchain i'm naked
If we have real privacy then we don't need secrecy nor anonimity?
I need to look into that again...

yeah solutions hehehe... and also the cause why shit has a smell in the first place

I like your use of the word, just

B what we need is a test question, like; “should corporations have the same rights as individuals” something we can just play around with. The key is to make Logic the Moderator, make contributions anonymous and to make it available and transparent 24/7. If we even accomplished one itty-bitty something incorporating some or all of those attributes it would be far more than the endless vertical comment posting ever does, opinion, opinion, opinion, oops there it goes off the page, Now it’s next week, gone forever.

Here is a quote from an Amanda B Johnson video. “Who’s in charge when nobody’s in charge? Or in other words, how are decisions in a network of people made when there is no Shah or King or CEO or President in charge? This question has never been more relevant in cryptocurrency.”

If cryptocurrency governing bodies adopted a process of reaching or searching for conclusions based on logic with logic as the moderator it would be earth shattering. It would be unlike the “opinion” based reporting and executions outside the crypto world. It would give real value to blockchain developments.

Thanks B for getting me motivated and working a little.

A corporation should never have a 'human right' as it does not live.
Also automated industries where robots do the work should pay automation tax for all the humans that should be needed if the automation would not exist. That tax then should be used as a unconditional basic income.
That together could be a good basis for the future

Amanda B Johnson should try to run a discord server with greedy steemit scammers :-) That would be a very useful test case.
The problem is that people 'demand' a leader, so that they then can blame the leader for being a dictator. Now discord and steemit are a bit of a bad example to try this.

As discord forces the owner of the server to become the leader, because else scammers will try to become 'leaders' but that behaviour is also a bit of a result due to the way steemit works. its challenging on every level. Add privacy (the lack of privacy) in the mix and it becomes pretty hopeless hehe

I really would like to experiment wit this, though i have some real life stuff to deal with first