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in cold •  19 days ago

In case you live under a rock, I'll let you know IT IS FREEZING in the northern United States. I thought maybe I could venture out today but this morning is still sitting at -20 F in many parts of Wisconsin with -40 wind chill. This is not fun and we are in survival mode. And can you believe it's going to be 45 and rain on Sunday?? wth

Stay well ... stay warm ... and I'm headed to Florida on Saturday.... hee-haw !! peace on the steem blockchain, clumsy

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Cover yourself well against the inclemencies of cold.

You were wrong of place to live, you should have come to Spain, here the temperature is pleasant at this time, with gusts of rain, wind and sun that make nature wake up from its lethargy. The birds sing under the faint drops of rain, playing in the puddles and enjoying the moments when the clouds of the sky open and let the rays of the Sun pass.

One of these days I will cheer up and charge the batteries of the reflex cameras and I will take some pictures of the land where I live, and share them in an article. Anyway, I have already uploaded a few photos that remain in my blog.

Do not constipate, an affectionate greeting

Remain in Florida , never return !

Oh, I saw it at the news, I cannot even imagine such temperature. Stay safe and warm my friend 😊

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Thanks George ,,, Peace 👍 👍

Wow, rain on Sunday? That will create some serious scary situations with these temperatures :-/ Good for you going on Florida, that's some serious spread in temperatures you have in 1 country :D


yes, we can have wild swings in Wisconsin, especially with climate change


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