Steem and SBD to the Moon!! @surpassinggoogle ~repost

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Hi my fellow steemians. I want to take part of this movement of @surpassinggoogle. He is calling to us #Filipinos and #PhilippineBasedSteemians to support this advocacy to collect more than 200 videos to show it to and as I want to include myself also to this advocacy. Please appreciate my video low quality and shyness. Its scripted. 😂

I am encouraging my fellow steemians to also take part to this movement as well in submitting your videos that support @surpassinggoogle. Great opportunities may come to us Filipinos and Philippine based steemians as Steem takes a higher part in the cryptocurrency. I hope I encouraged you with this video.

Thank you so much everyone! And as always, see you guys in the next weblog. Bye bye! 😁



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