CoinGecko Writing Contest! - Coingecko/KyberWidget Intergration

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Dear Steem Community,

The next contest is here!!

As you all know, CoinGecko recently integrated KyberWidget to enable instant KyberSwap on selected ERC-20 tokens right in our website. KyberWidget makes it possible for users to swap tokens without needing to go out of into exchanges. We aim to make your experience on as smooth as possible and give you all the tools you need when it comes to researching cryptocurrency.

To celebrate this partnership with Kyber Network, we decided to give away cool limited edition merchandises with a writing contest! You can win exclusive T-shirts and Stickers this one time only!

We want to know what the Steem community think of this new integration. Do you know that you can now perform instant token swap inside Have you tried the widget? How was your experience and what do you think about it?

Write about it in your submission!

How to Participate and Qualify

  • Resteem this post.
  • Follow @coingecko on Steemit
  • Tag your submission with the following: #coingeckowritingcontest #coingecko
  • Write about what you think of KyberWidget in
  • You may include a guide, add screenshots of the KyberSwap process.
  • Post a link to your submission in the comment section below.


  • Ensure your post is at least 300 words long.
  • Include at least one screenshot of the widgets; you may show the entire KyberSwap process.
  • Use your personally owned images or non-copyrighted images - Make sure you are licensed to use any stock images in your post.
  • This contest will run for 14 days and will end on 22 November 2018 23:59 GMT.
  • You can submit as many posts as you want, but only one post per Steemian will qualify to win.


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to win a limited edition CoinGecko T-Shirt, Kyber T-Shirt, Kyber Laptop Sleeve, and Stickers!!

  • Top 3 best post will receive 1 CoinGecko T-Shirt, 1 Kyber T-Shirt, 1 Kyber Laptop Sleeve, and assorted Stickers. You will also receive ten steem
  • 17 winners will receive assorted merchandise and three steem.
  • Every qualified post will receive an upvote from @coingecko as a thank you note
  • Bonus : Exceptional posts may be rewarded up to 30 steem for in-depth guide and opinion about KyberWidget on

I will definitely participate in this contest, I have a lot in my mind to explain about KyberWidget ,I hope you will love it, thanks @coingecko for running this contest.

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Hello my dear @coingecko ,I am too much excited for the contest ,I'll put my effort in winning this one ,hope that will win something from you, hurrah

Cool! another one! Lemme get my writing cap on!

Ohh that's what you had in mind in the last post when you told about your merchandise! I think I will participate as an independent 2 previous early!
And I have one question shipping of prizes possible to all countries or there is some limits?
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We're shipping across all countries of course! we'll make sure the merchandise arrives at your front door so long as you're a winner of the contest.

I had a couple of challenges trying out the widget but proceeded with the review given its potential to facilitate exchanges. Here is my submission:

Look forward to your feedback and help! Thanks for involving the community!

@coingecko ,That's great! We can easily exchange our favourite ERC-20 tokens on CoinGecko without creating an account ,just in three steps. I have recently read your previous blog about KyberSwap and it's process. participating in this contest really would be interesting.lets see. thanks

this is amazing, in my opinion @coingecko has run an amazing program. i always follow you

wow that's amazing @coingecko, i will take part in the contest; i will definitely be awesome

The T-Shirts!.... Joining!

Ah! The prizes are mouthwatering. They are really a motivation for me to make a detailed research on Kyber Widget

Great contest. I will do participate in it.

Just saw this contest. Let me go and try the kyberwidget so that i can know what to write about. @coingecko are always enhancing their website for an awesome user experience. That's really lovely!

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This is interesting. @coingecko is always upgrading its website to give its users a wonderful experience. That's nice. My entry is on the way

22nov... dateline is approaching !!! I be on it soon ... i hope

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