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RE: 500SP has been delegated to @mrnightmare89! Congratulations!!!

in #coingecko3 years ago

Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉🎊 to the winner of 500 SP Delegated to @mrnightmare89 by @coingecko!

I was hoping to win, but I’ve not lose hope because I know that better things will still come out of @coingecko.

One love!

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Glad you have the positive mindset! yes yes yes! we're planning more contests along the way that surely everyone will gain from not giving up!

I believe in @coingecko and will continue to believe. Thanks for remaining awesome and helpful to all crypto communities.

Thank you sir, I'm so happy that I was the one selected. let's do our best here in steemit.

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Best wishes dear @mrnightmare89, @coingecko gave you this chance to help others within this one week through curation, do your best with the opportunity and hope for more from @coingecko

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