CoinGecko Read of the Day (8 March 2019)

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Here are 3 important news of the day:

1. US Startup Introduces Crypto Hardware Wallet Chip for Cell Phones

United States startup VaultTel has introduced a hardware cryptocurrency wallet designed to fit in a mobile phone SIM card tray.

According to the firm, users can lock the VaultTel Card to a single device and to a particular geographical location.

To store funds, customers can either insert the VaultTel Card inside an unused SIM card tray in a dual SIM phone or use a dongle.


2. More than 70% of UK consumers have never heard of cryptocurrencies - Survey Found

The Financial Conduct Authority, the UK's financial regulator, recently surveyed more than 2,100 UK consumers to understand their awareness of Cryptocurrency.

Here are the results:

  • 73% have never heard of cryptocurrencies.
  • A majority of those who understand them were men between the ages of 20-44.
  • Of those that bought cryptocurrencies, 84% used online exchanges to acquire them.


3. Social Trading Giant eToro Adds Crypto Buying and Selling in 32 US States

The firm announced Thursday that the new platform allows U.S. customers from 32 states and territories to trade 13 unspecified cryptocurrencies.

Multi-asset trading is also scheduled for launch in Q1 of next year.

Existing eToro users will be able to log into the wallet directly to hold and transact in cryptocurrencies, the firm said.


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Excellent review @coingecko and it was surprising that in Britain there is so little information about crypto, everything can change soon!


Despite what you may think, a majority of people have not been exposed to cryptocurency before.

Interesting news and it will be very useful for all of us!

very excellent news for crypto lover..
thnx for your update..

really very nice and important review @coingecko
thnx for your review

i love crypto currency and i am interesting for earn cryptocurrency.
thanks for your news

I would have been expecting steem to hit 0.5$ by now but....

Good news thanks for sharing

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Great info, just wondering how come such a big percentage in UK doesn't have an idea about cryptos.
@coingecko, is there any chance to provide us with a world map showing the overall crypto acceptance/ or awareness?

Posted using Partiko Android


Such a map would indeed prove useful.. The closest one to what you want would probably be - for a map detailing where Bitcoin is accepted (data is user generated) - for a map of known Crypto ATM (data also user generated)


Thanks @coingecko for your detailed answer!

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Great review...thanks for the updates

Many still do not know the opportunity of crypto and maybe more don’t understand well. Unfortunately, it is those that need it the most like the unbanked that have not had the access to the education for it.

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