CoinGecko News of the Day (March 20th 2019)

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Fun Fact: On this very day (March 20th) in 1916, Famed Scientist Albert Einstein presents his general theory of relativity, which has been described as the foundation of Modern Science!!

Here are 3 interesting news of the Day

1. Binance launches "Cash for Bitcoin" service across 1300 Newsstands in Australia


Binance launched Binance Lite Australia, which will allow people in Australia to buy Bitcoin using cash

The company is planning to add support for other digital and fiat currencies with a view to expanding the opportunities for its users.

Customers will need to complete KYC procedure and deposit cash in the nearest newsagent store to receive Bitcoin. The service currently charges a 5% commission including tax.


2.Switzerland’s Biggest Online Retailer now Accepts Crypto

Digitec Galaxus, Switzerland's biggest online retail company now accepts cryptopayment for purchases over 200 Swiss francs .

“We’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but the effort it would have required has just always been too big..." CIO Oliver Herren said in a company blog post.

Users can pay with BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, XRP, BNB, LTC, TRX, NEO and OMG via a cryptopayment processor.


3. Blockstream launches Bitcoin wallet "Blockstream Green"

Bitcoin Technology company Blockstream launched a new Bitcoin wallet.

Blockstream Green is a rebuild from the open source GreenAddress wallet and is itself also open source.

Blockstream Green is a mobile wallet that supports both iOS and Android devices.


Would you be happy to buy Bitcoin with cash if the choice is available to you? Why?

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I don't think people will truly understand how massive the Binance Lite in Australia is. I moved from Australia to the US... and every move of money between the two has been a total nightmare... between absolutely massive fees, huge amount restrictions, business hours only and the constant overnight delays... as well as being told by my Aussie bank, who I'd been with for decades that the only way to transfer money was to personally visit a branch (I was in the US at the time), we've very nearly missed out on several large and important purchases because we couldn't access our own money... now we'll be able to do all that while buying some chewing gum. Absolutely massive! 5% is nothing compared to what the banks charge (and all those secret International Transaction fees).

Now Newsstands just need to accept Bitcoin and everything will be amazing.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts based on your personal experience!

To read from the headlines and imagining the possibilities is one thing.. But to get a first-hand experience of how such a development affects a person's day to day life makes the news much more enjoyable!

It is also very insightful to see that you think the 5% fee is acceptable. People from other regions who may not understand how things are in Australia might assume that such a fee will make it unattractive to mainstream use.


I'm not sure what it's like in Malaysia, but in Australia (unless you go to your own bank) there is outrageous fees everywhere. Some ATMS can cost $4.50 to withdraw cash... most places charge an extra 3% if you use an AMEX credit card, or 1.5% for other credit cards... SWIFT is super expensive, as is Western Union... getting a bank cheque is $25... Paypal charges both the seller/buyer, we buy a lot of stuff from overseas, and you tend to get charged an international transfer fee as well as a super noncompetitive exchange rate.

5% is a lot... but I have friends that have had their Australian bank accounts cancelled because they purchased crypto, so the convenience of Newsstands is just huge... and once you've got your BTC, the fees are pretty low from thereon.

A big reason that I love crypto now is because when we eventually move back to Australia, I'll hopefully avoid the money headaches in the reverse.

For me personally, no, since I have just about zero cash. And if i did, I already have multiple ways to deposit cash and buy btc if I wanted to.

But for the crypto space in general, YES! The more mainstreaming the better.

Many people are put off by the difficulties and barriers to entry, just to even understand what crypto is, much less be able to figure out how to set up an account. If this is an easy walk-you-through-it procedure and then you just go somewhere and pay cash - I think more people might try that haven't yet.

Slowly the barriers will fall, and one day we will have a tipping point when millions jump in to crypto. I am so excited to already be here and ready to see that tipping point occur. I watch for it daily :)


Interesting! reading your stories from past comments we understood that your relationship with crypto is different from most others. While others trade their cash fiat money for crypto, You instead trade your time and effort in creating content and advocating for crypto in your own way.

It is understandable that you wont put cash money into crypto because for the most part, you already earn in crypto!!


Yes, very true. I only get some Amazon book sales and affiliate income in fiat :)

When spammers ask me if I am a holder or a trader, I say I am a user, lol.

Just discovered your site, separate from steemit, and love that you had a link here! Planning on using your app for a project. Thanks for the service ^>^

Good news all the way! Crypto is advancing! Coingecko is awesome.

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Blockstream is a project that continues to look promising as it adds layers to the ecosystem!

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