500SP has been delegated to @mrnightmare89! Congratulations!!!

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Congrats to the winner of 500 SP Delegated to @mrnightmare89 by @coingecko!

First of all, thank you for everyone who participated in the contest, each and every submission intrigues us with your insights and thoughts of which place on earth is the most idyllic for each and everyone of you.

However, we must say that we are impressed with @mrnightmare89's submission to answer the question we posed;

If money is not a constraint to you - But you can only choose One (1) place to go to; which holiday destination will you go to? Which city would you visit?

As a Filipino, @mrnightmare89 choose to visit one of the many islands within his country's border even if the choice to go to other more lavish touristy places are open to him.

After reading about Limasiwa Island, we are enchanted by its beauty and relative obscurity. Limasiwa really is a hidden gem that more should know about.

We also want to commend on him for making a dedicated post to answer our question.

Because of that, we decided to choose @mrnightmare89 as the receiver of 500SP delegated by us (@coingecko for 1 week!)

link to transaction

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Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉🎊 to the winner of 500 SP Delegated to @mrnightmare89 by @coingecko!

I was hoping to win, but I’ve not lose hope because I know that better things will still come out of @coingecko.

One love!

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Glad you have the positive mindset! yes yes yes! we're planning more contests along the way that surely everyone will gain from not giving up!

I believe in @coingecko and will continue to believe. Thanks for remaining awesome and helpful to all crypto communities.

Thank you sir, I'm so happy that I was the one selected. let's do our best here in steemit.

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Best wishes dear @mrnightmare89, @coingecko gave you this chance to help others within this one week through curation, do your best with the opportunity and hope for more from @coingecko

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I was present commented to congratulate the winners in this contest, this is very

Thank you @coingecko, it made me very happy.. Again thank you, I'll look forward in your another contest.

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