What do people think? Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV ! In essence it is like?

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According to the latest announcement, CoinEX, a legendary exchange platform announced that "We’ve recently noticed that nChain (https://nchain.com/en/), an influential company in Bitcoin Cash community, published an announcement of the creation of Bitcoin SV (https://nchain.com/en/blog/bitcoin-sv-launch/):
Bitcoin-SV (BSV) is the altered version of Bitcoin Cash protocols. BSV is likely to bring a potential fork of Bitcoin Cash by causing incompatibility with Bitcoin Cash network and therefore create a new cryptocurrency asset - Bitcoin-SV (Token: BSV). Should it happen, all Bitcoin Cash holders will then receive BSV assets against a 1:1 ratio on your BCH assets".
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However, that action has encountered a response from Craig Wright. He immediately responded to CoinEx's twitter with a completely different opinion from CoinEx. The question is what is true in the two options that the two sides raised. While Craig Wright, who is currently scheduled to release a beta version on August 29th and will be officially launched in November, CoinEX has made an immediate announcement on its home page.
So how is this problem?
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