Friday the 13th and coincidence

Meetin' a friend today for lunch. Since we don't cross paths frequently, BNB decided to check his "detailed files" (a la KGB, J. Edgar Hoover and The Terminator).

Ooh ahr! It turns out the last time we did this was Friday May 13, 2016. Pure "coink-e-dink," no doubt, inside the non-friggatriskaidekaphobia realm. No fear of that date this side.

Woo and wow family, friend and foe alike with your knowledge of them there related topical fancy-ass words like triskaidekaphobia, paraskevidekatriaphobia and friggatriskaidekaphobia. Added bonus if you can pronounce them all rapidly in succession too, especially after a few drinks.

Here’s a good backgrounder on the topic that @Arielpr did months back with What is the origin of fear on Friday the 13th? Happy Friday regardless.

As some may state in another lingo, phonetically, “Joe no say nada-da, mamacita-ta.”

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