Fuck It, Before It Fucks You #124 (Get back to work and sweat some more)

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Oh shit it’s Thursday morning again and time for me to write some shit for the internet isn’t it? I mean just for the internet. People can read it if they want, but it’s really just for the internet itself. Anyway, I was recently gifted some coffee liquor from Hawai’i and it’s pretty nice. Best of both worlds really. Two of the world's worst vices in one bottle. What could possibly go wrong? Well it’s better than those nasty alcoholic energy drinks. Or an energy drink mixed with vodka. Who thinks of this shit? “Excuse me, bartender. Can you mix the two shittiest tasting liquids you have and mix them together to make something even shittier? I’ve mistakenly ingested cyanide and need to induce vomiting as quickly as possible! Oh that’s perfect! Although frankly the thought of drinking it is making me question my will to live! But I might as well…”

Fuck It 2.jpg

So it’s been a week since I got my microchip installed. Actually I just got a vaccine shot. The microchip theory is ridiculous, stop pushing it. If you want Americans to get microchips implanted in them all you have to do is tell them it’s the next iPhone and they'll camp out for a week to be one of the first to get it. But I digress, often. As you should know by now. So far, the side effects haven’t been that bad. I did feel hungover the next day, but it actually passed fairly quickly. Now from what I understand, the President and the CDC have both said that fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask outdoors. Well frankly I think they shouldn’t have to one indoors either, and wearing them outdoors was stupid from the begininning. But ok, these leading authorities are now saying it’s cool to be out and about without a mask on if you’re fully vaccinated. Yet there’s still people out here who want to continue to wear they’re masks everywhere, even if they’re fully vaccinated, And of course they want everyone else to as well. In fact, in some places where they’ve started lifting restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated, the people have actually demanded they stay in place. This sounds a lot like what conspiracy theorists have warned us about. We now have governments trying to give people more freedom, and the people are actively resisting it. There really are a lot of rabid sheep in this country who actively want a police state. In fact you can’t even make comparisons to 1984 anymore because they’ll just tell you a bunch of shitty things about Orwell. We’re definitely in a lot of trouble when people start shitting on Orwell.
But you know who I blame? Bullies. You assholes picked on all the nerdy kids in school, then they grew up, went to college, got degrees in shit, some of them became tech billionaires and now they run everything. Now they’re obsessed with security and have very little incentive to give a shit about any of us. They’re just like “Aww. The people who made my life hell growing up can’t find decent jobs now? How fucking unfortunate. Well it sucks to be them, but I’m alright.”
So what else is there to say tonight. jI don’t really know honestly. As usual I’ve analyzed what’s wrong with the world and arrived at the same solution. Don’t be dicks to each other.. Now all I need is for everyone else to go along with that. Seems simple enough but we con’t seem to manage it. So fuck it, before it fucks you.