Coffee Series #3 How to Know Your Coffee Is Over or Under Extraction?

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In part 2 we talked about why your coffee is bitter and how to fix it. Today we will know how to identify coffee beans that are over extract or under extract.

Do You Know Why Over Extract Will Lead to Bitterness?

Extraction is a process of pulling the coffee flavour from each speck of ground coffee. It's the reason water goes in clear and comes out brown. As the water passes through the grounds it breaks down coffee compound and taking straight to your cup. This gives you the bitter taste of the coffee.

Here is the tricky part, if you putting too much water the coffee become over extracted. If you putting too little water the coffee becomes under extract. So, to make an ideal coffee for your own taste you need to experiment to brew coffee with different temperature of water, size of coffee grinder, and the coffee beans quality. Try different combination from the above and take a sip, do you like this taste?

If yes, then you are successful! And remember to write down the combination above. If no, try again till you got the taste you want.

Is Bitterness Bad?

Not really especially if you like me like bitter black coffee. But there is a difference between good bitterness and over burnt bitterness. Over burnt bitterness will taste like charcoal or ashes when you take a sip. While over extract bitterness is purely bitter taste, you will know it when you experience both tastes before. I'm sure you won't like the taste of charcoal on your coffee.

How About Under Extract?

An ideal coffee does take into good ratio or water and coffee beans during brewing. If the brewing is too fast it will cause the coffee sour and it happens when not enough flavour is taken out of the coffee grounds while you are brewing. Sometimes when the coffee is sour it considered as weak coffee and taste are very hallow. Worst is you don't feel anything after you finished the coffee.

I personally love bitter black coffee or bitter espresso. How about you?

Do You Like Bitter or Sour Coffee?

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