Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: The New Brew in Town!

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I was super excited when my partner told me that Starbucks serves a different kind of cold brew coffee. It's called nitro cold brew because they use a nitrogen to make the coffee very cold so you don't need ice to put in your cold brew coffee.

My partner told me that I needed to wait for the foam to settle just like drinking a beer. ;) One thing I noticed once the bubbles were settled to the top was the smooth and creaminess of the coffee. Wow! What a work of art! I wish I could have a taken a better photo but I was impatient and I just wanted to have my first sip. Lol


My partner was laughing at me because of the look on my face after I took my first few sips. This coffee is very strong that felt like it punched me in the face (in a good way). It's so good even if it's unsweetened plus, it's very low calories (5 calories, according to the Starbucks nutrition chart). At first, I was upset that you can't order the drink on their largest cup but you'll get enough dose of caffeine with their grande cup. It's actually cheaper to order the nitro coffee than the regular cold brew because you get more coffee that way since they don't add any ice to the drink.

I thought it'd be nice to have my own nitrogen at home, I can use it not just for my coffee but to freeze other drinks and food too. =D

This whole new coffee experience is not to be missed!

If you haven't tried any type of cold brew coffee, why not try this recipe at home.

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I might be able to get down to Cebu even if it just for the day or two. I'm sure if my woman friend doesn't want to go there will be some time she is doing something else for a day. So hopefully we can actually meet!


Oh that would be nice. Am intrigued with this woman of yours. Is she the reason your visiting Manila? 😃😍


Yes she is the main reason. Lol

I haven’t heard of this, very cool! Haha


I know right, people have crazy amazing ideas 😃

I am too sleepy & suffering from a mild headache. This could help. May I have a sip? :P


I won't mind but it's all gone 😁

I really hope I can have a cold one right now and lay in bed for a good nap, just that the caffeine might influence my non sleep ×2 greater. Lol
I hope you really enjoyed it?


oh sorry to hear that

oh, yes I did ;D


Thank you, steeming is really herculean if we want to be sincere with one's self. Someone need some break if the need arise at anytime. That should be really fun...

Nitro brew is actually so good!

Hahahaha. I imagine your face, your hyper face.hahaha
You are always like that when you're excited. .haha


miss you more!

Wow that's looks awesome :p

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Excellent that you have been able to enjoy a special cold coffee. It seems that it was supér.


Thanks, you should try it sometimes 😊

I will have to try it. I Love coffee.... love
I just tried the vanilla cold brew and it was fantastic..


I tried the vanilla cold brew. I liked it less milk so I don't consume too much carbs in the morning. 😊