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There are a lot of different products or recipes claiming to be health-enhanced coffees of some sort or another. After trying out several and doing a bunch of research, I have come up with my own. The main components are chaga and lion's mane mushroom mixed with coffee. I hope you like it! Feel free to tweak it to suit your own needs and tastes.


Mushroom Decoction

The first step is to make a decoction (fancy word for tea made from boiling rather than just steeping) of chaga and lion's mane mushroom:

1 teaspoon of dried, ground chaga
1 teaspoon of dried, ground lion's mane mushroom
1.5 L (50 oz) of good water

Mix together and bring to a boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for at least an hour. Two hours or longer is recommended for best results. Alternately you could put it all into a slow cooker and have it simmer for several hours. Once you are ready, filter out the solid matter.

You can also double or triple the recipe and store the unused mushroom decoction in the refrigerator for several days to save time and effort if you plan to drink this regularly. In addition, the solid matter filtered off can often be reboiled. You will know the mushrooms are fully used up when they no longer produce a dark brown liquid when boiled.

This is actually good on it's own as a mushroom tea. I have also used this as a delicious mushroom broth in savory dishes.


Brew the Coffee

I like to use a French Press to brew my coffee. Take about 1 teaspoon of ground coffee beans and put it in the bottom of the French press. Boil the mushroom decoction you made previously and then pour it over the coffee grounds. Use some boiled water to top it up if necessary. Let steep for about 5 or 6 minutes before pressing down the filter and pouring off the hot liquid.

You can go ahead and drink it like this but I like to enhance it a bit more with a few special items.



Pour yourself a mug of the hot mushroom coffee and stir in any or all of the following:

1 teaspoon (5 grams) of Creatine Monohydrate crystals
Small pinch (about 1/8th teaspoon) of Borax crystals
1/2 teaspoon of unpasturized honey (try honey infused with ginseng root for an extra kick)
Splash of grass fed, organic cream

Alternately, if you want to make this coffee "bulletproof" you can replace the honey with stevia sweetener and replace the cream with unsalted grass fed butter and/or coconut oil. If you use butter or coconut oil you will need to put your coffee in a blender to properly mix it. This is the best option if you are doing intermittent fasting because the honey and cream will almost certainly take you out of ketosis.

Now you are ready to enjoy your homemade mushroom coffee!


Health Benefits

Aside from being delicious, drinking this mushroom coffee offers several health benefits. These benefits are too numerous to provide in full detail, but these are a few of the most significant:

  • Immune system enhancement from the chaga mushroom
  • Cognitive enhancement from the lion's mane mushroom, coffee and borax
  • Performance enhancement from the coffee and creatine monohydrate
  • Reduced oxidative stress from the antioxidants in the mushrooms, coffee and honey
  • Enhanced mineral absorption from the Vitamin-K2 found in the grass-fed cream or butter


Too Much Work?

Convinced this is something you want to try but just too busy to put in the work to make it yourself? Four Sigmatic has an excellent instant mushroom coffee product that combines chaga mushroom, lion's mane mushroom and coffee. Just mix with hot water and add cream, sweetener and/or any other upgrades you desire.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane and Chaga

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

What about you? Do you have a special way you like to make your coffee? I'd love to hear about it! Please share below in the comments.


Hi coffee lover here say hello! It is so new to me that the combination of mushroom and coffem did works! I would give it a try at home for the creative recipe!
Thanks for your sharing! Looking forward to more of food and recipe sharing!

Great! Please let me know what you think if you do try it. :)

Saw this randomly on my FB page today. it's spreading!

Awesome! Thanks for showing me this!

I like some sugar and cream and coffee... or maybe that is the other way around. The way that isn't healthy for you. :) Found your post promoted by Left Hand Philosophy on FB btw... and then I was like, why do I recognize that post? Oh yeah, I was already following you on here! Slowly slinking into the common consciousness, Steem ftw!

Haha. World domination! ;) Well, I genuinely hope that a lot of people try this out and improve their health and boost their brains. Thanks for your comment!

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