Coffee and College (And Why I Need Coffee to Survive This Semester)

in coffee •  2 years ago 

As I approach my fourth week of my final semester as an undergrad, I am finding I am depending more and more on the magical powers of coffee. Working part-time, while balancing a full course load, and on top of that studying for the various teaching exams needed to simply get into a credential program, has left me with a full schedule, one in which sleep is ignored and all-nighters are a requirement. Because of this, I have been reflecting on my coffee addiction and the various reasons why I NEED coffee.

  1. It keeps me awake, even though I am always tired on some level

  2. It makes my terrible procrastinating habit that much more fun, and I find myself leaving more and more papers last minute

  3. It motivates me to get up in the morning.

What about you? Do you identify as a coffee addict?

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I have an instant gratification monkey in my head as well!!!

He is pretty much running the show at this point!

I'm not a coffee addict. I can quit whenever I want. But I sure would like a cup right now.

Coffee helped me through college as well but I don't identify as a coffee addict.