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Now what is this?

I don't have cobras to send you on this address sir

if it is about steem, i want to win baby.

I dont get it. Maybe that's the joke

What’d I win?

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Mystery Mystery Mystery, who is gonna solve it?

is it a new airdrop? :O

What is this? :O

Borderlands ????

Something strange I did not see like him

Mmm ... we seem to have a new case

Maybe @berniesanders its continuing with the matrix codes?

Let me try my lack ... (2016)1843 //(2017) 283734 // (2018)592831244..... Those numbers represent the people the number of people on steemit

1843 makes 283734 seem like 592831244 only backwards

Nuclear launch codes from donald trump?
Or is it the phone number of his favorite prostitue?
Will anyone find out? you will find out in the next episode of the bernie sanders show, or won't you?!