What is CTP? Take a look at the new tribe. CTP是什么?来看看这个新部落

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There's a new tribe https://www.ctptalk.com/, which airdropped some CTP tokens to LEO holders.
If you haven't got any, but you staked LEO, your's might be on your way. If you are looking to buy, this might be a good time, as some with airdropped tokens are willing to sell low. There has been selling at 0.065 steam, versus 0.2 steem.
CTP also have a miner, CTPM. Which is at 2 steem per CTPM at the moment.

So what is the tribe all about? The description says it's about affiliate marketing, online businesses and entrepreneurship. I think there's a need to post some guidance on what content to write explicitly, and what tags to use explicitly. It is certainly too nerdy for the average joe to figure out easily just by looking at the posts. I haven't seen any solid examples of posts yet to grasp this concept of the tribe.

This is of course just an initial impression, I will keep on reading and hopefully, things will become clearer as it goes.

如果你还没有,但你锁仓了LEO,可能很快就会到账了。 如果你想购买CTP,这可能是一个好时机,因为一些持有空投代币愿意卖低价。 有0.065 steem成交的记录,也有0.20的,空间很大。
CTP还有一个矿工CTPM。 目前,每个CTPM的价格是2 steem。

CTP部落到底是什么? 描述说它是关于联盟营销,在线业务和创业。 我认为创始者有必要发布详细的使用手册,以及明确使用哪些标签。这样对于普通用户来说,不是仅通过查看帖子就可以搞清楚的。 我还没有看到任何有关部落概念的帖子的实例。


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@cloudblade cloudblade 迎着海啸 带着娃 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



You win!!!! 你赢了! 给你1枚SHOP币!

Hello @widenchanter thanks for using the realithhubs tag, but I'm yet to find what you're reviewing, Realityhubs is a community that caters to quality review content. You can read this post for more information.

If you have further questions, come chat with us on Discord.

Realityhubs Moderator.

Thank you. When this post was made it was not clear about what needed to be reviewed and what was the standard for reviewing. Also there was no moderators

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Thanks for the review of our new Tribe :)

Few bits of info about CTP.

The website and community has been online since 2010/2011. But just joined STEEM last week. :)

The idea is to merge the affiliate marketing world with crypto currency like STEEM. It's the perfect marriage and we will be onboarding thousands of new members to Steem over the next few months :)

Drop us a line if you have any questions at all.

Thank you! That is making more sense now. So you guys have been around for a while. Where should we go to check what content we can post using ghe ctp tag?

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