A Tasty “Eggsperiment” 蜀味蛋 (中英文)

in cn •  2 months ago

Eating hardboiled eggs every day for breakfast can be quite boring, so I have experimented with a dab or two of Sichuan chili paste (produced in Taiwan) on each egg to make a delicious no-carb breakfast! The particular brand of paste I used includes Sichuan peppercorns, cumin, fennel, cloves, cardamom and a mixture of 20+ Chinese herbs.

[ photo of Jenqhwayan chili paste jar ]

[ glossary for Jenqhwayan chili paste jar : traditional Chinese characters include bopomofo ruby text* ]

The only problem with my breakfast delicacy: what goes in must eventually go out. It’s not so enjoyable on the other end, but, hey, you only live once!




美中不足的是下午到『土地銀行存款』時,必須付出『慘痛的代價 』,又涼又辣,好不習慣,一個小時後肛門還在那兒隱隱約約地抱怨:『主人啊!下次別貪嘴啦!』

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