La Ciota ... It is Paradise on Earth 🌴..... La Ciota。這是人間天堂 🌴

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When I was a Musician playing piano Bars in France....I would go down to the French Riviera every Summer because that's where all the people in Paris went to....La Ciotat...on the Mediterranean one of the places I lived at that time...You can see the little Beach house in the photo....I stayed in a Spanish Villa about 100 yards behind the Beach House....You can see it if you look closely....I spent my days on the Beach and Nights playing Piano Bars...But the Beach had no SAND...It's called a CALANQUE....Instead of sand it has MILLIONS of tiny flattened out smooth as glass, egg shaped Pebbles...The giant Rocks in the background are much taller than they look in the photo.....I climbed to the top one day and saw an Airplane flying around beneath me....they are like about 800 maybe a 1000 feet tall.....The second photo gives you a better idea of just how BIG and TALL those rocks are.....The 3rd photo gives you an idea of just how beautiful the place really is...I have never seen anything or any place like La Ciota before...It was and still is.....

我每年夏天都會去法國利維拉, 因為巴黎的人都去了那裡。在地中海的拉西約塔, 是我當時住過的地方之一。
你可以在照片裡看到海邊的小屋。 我住在一座西班牙別墅裡, 大約100碼外的海濱小屋。如果你仔細觀察, 你就能看到它。我在海灘和晚上玩鋼琴酒吧度過了我的日子。
但是海灘上沒有沙子。它被稱為 CALANQUE。而不是沙子, 它有數以百萬計的微小扁平出平滑的玻璃, 雞蛋形狀的鵝卵石。背景中的巨石比照片上的要高得多。有一天, 我爬上了山頂, 看見一架飛機在我腳下飛來飛去。他們大概有 800, 大概有1000英尺高。第二張照片給你一個更好的想法, 只是如何高大的那些
岩石是。第三張照片讓你知道這個地方真的是多麼的美麗, 我從來沒有見過任何東西或任何地方像 La Ciota 之前。

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Hi I came to your post for the first time. It sure is the beautiful place ! I'm jealous that you could go there a lot!!