BitShares大中华区代表团队 工作报告(2017.11—2018.1)

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Work Report of BitShares Greater China Representative Team

自2017年11月起,BitShares Greater China Representative提案开始生效,梓岑及其代表团队也正式开启大中华区推广工作。

Since November 2017, the BitShares Greater China Representative proposal has come into force, and Zicen, with and his representative team, has also started the promotion job in Greater China.


The maintenance of public relations and the joint marketing of exchanges


In November 2017, the Greater China representative team first established a good relationship with Binance, LHang, AEX and other major exchanges, providing support for exchanges implementation, wallet deployment and routine maintenance. At the same time, the joint marketing plan of the exchanges is launched. We applied for 1,800,000 BTS to jointly launch large-scale marketing activities with Binance, LHang, and AEX separately to raise market heat and attract the attention and investment of new users. In addition, we have also made efforts to allow MPA, the market anchor currency of BitShares, to be launched on the exchange to open more trading pairs to serve as the pricing and trading object.

(Note: in the early stage of marketing activities, Crab was responsible for the connection with exchanges. After confirmation, it was sent to the Greater China representative team to carry out works including funding applications, activity implementation, and promotion, etc.)

币安 Binance

链行 Lbank



Henceforth, the team has established direct links with major domestic exchanges, which makes it possible to deal with the problems and give feedbacks immediately. In particular, the predicament of the lack of communication once technical problems occur has been thoroughly solved.


Offline activities for preheating


In November, team members were mostly engaged in establishing direct links with the exchanges. With the “Blockchain Promotion Campaign” in China being prepared, team activities were mostly did by Zicen attending other live events.


In November 4th, Zicen attended the offline Blockchain: New Power Salon in Chongqing.


In November 11th, Zicen attended the Worldwide Blockchain Promotion Campaign in Wuhan, introducing BTS and DAC ecology.


November 15th, took part in Beijing BlockchainBus offline meetup


November 16th, took part in Suzhou Beone Community offline meetup


December 2nd, blockchain promotion meeting in Chengdu


BTS special events and “Blockchain Promotion Campaign” in China


Since November 25th, initiated by BTS, the representative team officially launched the “Blockchain Promotion Campaign”. Mainstream media including Cointime, Babi Finance, 8btc, BTC123 and others reported the whole course of the activities. As an exclusive application platform, HuoDongXing promoted the activities on its home page. The activity was unprecedented welcomed, and had a full house for each one. It has had an excellent effect on changing the stereotype to BTS and attracting new forces.


November 25th, “Blockchain Promotion Campaign” in China, Beijing Station


December 3rd, Chengdu Blockchain Club, BitShares Salon


December 16th, “Blockchain Promotion Campaign” in China, Shenzhen Station, and the famous “It is unreasonable that the BTS market value is lower than ripple”.


December 23rd, Blockchain Long March, Shanghai Station


December 30th, “Blockchain Promotion Campaign” in China, Shanghai


January 18th, BlockHot cruise line, BTS special forum


Media cooperation and PR

  1. 金色财经加入“区块链科普中国行”活动,并于11月27日发表独家专访题为“BitShares正在酝酿三年积淀后的一次关键突破”的独家专访。
  2. 芭比财经区块链100人栏目,发表题为“DAC支撑起的全新生态”的BitShares专访。
  3. 加入西部温暖计划
  1. Golden Finance participated in “Blockchain Popular Science Chinese tour”, and post an article ”BitShares is brewing a key break through after three-year preparation”.
  2. Babi Finace “100 people in blockchain” column, post the article “DAC is backing a brand new ecosystem”
  3. Join “Project of Warming The West Persons”
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Great update.

Henceforth, the team has established direct links with major domestic exchanges, which makes it possible to deal with the problems and give feedbacks immediately. In particular, the predicament of the lack of communication once technical problems occur has been thoroughly solved.



例如 这个就是一个和交易所积极沟通的例子

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