Not-to-be-missed Street Food: Cold Wrappers and Hot Dry Noodle 街头小吃来一碗:凉皮,热干面,还有?

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Cold wrappers is quite time-consuming to prepare: first to separate the starch part and gluten part of a dough, then steam the starch soup to make the wrappers, and steam the gluten dough to make gluten balls, finally toss them together with vegetable shreds and vinegar sauce. Although long process, it is a popular street food in China.

Hot dry noodle is another famous street food not be be missed: using noodles similar to spaghetti and mixed with sesame sauce and chili oil, it is a dish full of sesame aroma.




Cold wrappers, chilled and sour, perfect for summer

Beef and radish soup

refreshing radish


Hot dry noodles, a nice match of sesame sauce and chili oil

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#photography yang indah, namun jangan banyak - banyak makan mie @stacee karena mie mengandung banyak bahan yang kurang bagus bagi kesehatan, penelitian ahli dari jepang bahwa mie adalah salah satu #food yang paling banyak menyumbang penyakit kanker.

Kita sering #travel ke berbagai macam negara memang kalau hobby noodle pasti lihat makanan yang satu ini lidah dan bidung seakan akan terhipnotis olehnya.

Saran saya kurangi noodle. Menjaga lebih baik dari pada mengobati.

Salam @madcool

Oh so delicious! I'm hungry now. Thanks for sharing! :)

I wish I had this in front of me right now :P

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Nice photography of street food, looking so delicious.Thanks for sharing those wonderful food pictures.

All food look so delicious i want to eat too 😍


thx for sharing

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wow... so delicious and mouth watering...

翻译的有点吓人:rotten beef(腐烂的牛肉)




good food

Yum! More noodles please !! (-:

What a cute cat!!!

wow...looks delicious

Looks deliciousss....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)>

You have just suceeded in making me hungry. This meal looks delicious... I love it


Yummy I love to get this food so nice .Thanks for sharing with us and making us feel hungry lolxx

I believe you should know what I'm thinking right now... hmmmm... delicious!!!!

Yum I!! Makes me so hungry, I want some of those food! Thanks for sharing. X

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I am hungry! the food looks fantastic. how does it taste? lol.

taste really good!

Woooow... Nice post


作为一个长在西安但现在离开西北的人,不得不说这碗凉皮勾起了乡愁。不过实际上光是陕西凉皮都有很多种,你吃到的,大概是 改良 品种吧,有机会还是推荐作者亲自去陕西常常当地的面皮还有米皮,相当好吃呢。


Wow... ! Cold wrappers seems a delicious meal. I just eat but it gave me hungry new ;)
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It looks delicious, thanks for sharing a little culture with everyone we are on steemit



looks like you are into Chinese food

Those flat white noodles look absolutely delicious! I watch a lot of Northern Chinese food bloggers on YouTube and that dish actually looks a lot like a "lamien" noodle (not sure how to spell it). Love your posts and this post in particular - resteemed! Keep up the great work

Yes it is northern Chinese cuisine but it is not "lamian"/"ramen". "Lamian" noodle is from north west part of China and wrappers, or called "liangpi" in Chinese are from central China. The difference is "Lamian" is made of regular dough but wrappers are made of starch part of dough.

Ahh okay, makes sense. Thanks for the education, always learning when it comes to food from other cultures.

Ooo I'm such a sucker for noodles! Looks [email protected]
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This looks so good that its making me thinkbof food when i open my eyes

I'm so happy to discover these dishes which are really new to me. The cold wrappers looks so yummy and the gifs you made is just lovely!
Thanks a lot for such mouthwatering dishes, amazing photography too!
You rock @stacee!

Yes the cold wrappers may not be seem abroad as it is part of Shanxi cuisine, and unlike Cantonese, Shanxi people do not immigrate abroad a lot. Therefore it is hard to find authentic Shanxi cuisine abroad.

Oh that's why, i was not even aware of Shanxi cuisine, I've just checked it out! They are very famous for their noodles!
Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, i will have a great time checking more on this cuisine tonight!
Thank you!

I love noodles so much! Looks delicious! Thanks


You are making me very hungry. Love these photo shoots. Upvoted and followed.

Very interesting food. Looks tasty! I especially liked the gif. Btw I think maybe you meant, salted beef or preserved beef? I think the word, "rotten" but might have the wrong word choice because that means it has gone bad. I just thought you might like to know. Great post!

Thank you for correcting me!

Oh so delicious! I'm hungry now. Unvote me please too!

whoa all of these dishes look incredible! Whats inside of the cold wrapper btw?

好好吃的样子 咽了几口口水