I have a new family which is Steemit never thought of it, until I discover this.....

in cn •  2 years ago

Here's my baby

As a fulltime mom staying at home 24/7 days a week is so boring. I am not a writer or author but I feel like I developed my writing skills here. As a mother who stays at home with my baby alone during the whole day is a bit bored. What I mean is that I don't have someone to talk to when my husband is away for work. So when I'm searching online on how to make money while at home that's when steemit started. I just started posting some blogs yesterday and follow 669 in just some hours of work just follow the training, but I never thought that it was more than what I'm searching, but it feels like I have someone to talk to and they interact with my blogs it's like I'm having a new family here. And I feel like addicted to steemit.

Here's my 2 boys

And it's me...

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Awesome am new here too. Follow me ! I will follow u too. Lets frow together by upvoting


hello, thank you so much for your awesome review.


No worries have a good day 😀


great job sis
it's a kind of investing sis
i also steemit myanmar member
i already upvote ur all posts
plz follow back and upvote me
thz :)


welcome all myanmar member here.thank you I already upvote some of your posts and follow you.

Hi, @shenonline
Nice post 😊
i follow you
Please follow me 😁


I follow you too. thank you


follow you back.

Your family seems just lovely !!! i have no doubt you're going to do good on here!


thank you so much...


welcome to steemit!