「Vlog」Beautiful Belgian Sunday with @Liflorence

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If you already read Li @liflorence's post, you must already have the impression that my city Leuven is quite lovely. I've been living here since I came here for my study more than 5 years ago. It is so small that it is impossible not to know every corner of it through and through. I showed Li the university library of KULeuven. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I only come to this stunning library to study once in a blue moon.



After a late lunch, we went for a walk to the hidden Begijnhof town, I made a post in the summer when weather was nice, the winter days in the begijnhof looks just so different.






Check out my Vlog for more details:

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谢谢夸奖 :P

Looks like such an amazing day!! What an exciting opportunity :)




. Adsactly Bravo, Bravo!! Your post are really Mewtacular!. It inspires me to be a better me. I am learning so
much not only from the information on your post, but also about presentation and design. Thank you!




Beautiful photography dear

Oh wow that's great!
Hopefully I will also visit this amazing place next year.
Thank you for showing us the university library of KULeuven


You are welcome sam-billings.
I'm sure you will enjoy Belgium if you come next year!


Thank you , yeah I know.... I hope my girl friend also enjoy there 😅

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谢谢了 :D 比利时有点像英国,所以比较文艺? 哈哈哈



Really great @joythewanderer. The video shows how quaint this city is. It looks very quiet and peaceful. Love cobbled streets too. Keep up the good work :)


Thanks oen. It is indeed a small peaceful town, with all the cobbled streets. Thanks for motivating me, I'll keep writing .


The library looks old enough. At least the tables look bit antique


The tables are indeed so antique. I prefer couch lol



The video was so relaxing... I am glad you didn`t smash anyhing ;-)


It's interesting how you got to know I'm actually rather clumsy, from my posts? :P

Looks very big that library !!!


Thanks for commenting, philfreetotravel.