「Joy 播新闻」 30/09/2018 | Steemfest更新:手机app预告以及新名单

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Roeland @roelandp更新了Steemfest一些相关,最近他在开发一个SteemFest的手机程式,这次会加上自动扫码名牌,把用户名加入列表里面记住。这一定会很方便,因为去年我其实跟很多人聊天,但是由于当时忘记把名字记下来,很多人失去了联系,手机程式将于未来的一个月上线,拭目以待。

另外,Roeland在Bitshares开了一个proposal,以赞助SteemFest,如果你在Birshares投票有权重,不妨考虑投一票哦: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=27177

@good-karma : Esteem桌面版和手机App的创始人
@gmuxx (UK): The Writers Block, Steemhouse Publishing and Wordrow写作社群的创始人之一
@jonching (US): 回答平台Musing.io的创始人
@heimindanger (FR): D.Tube的开发人员



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I liked your post and I hope bitshares will help you and many others get to come to steemfest in Poland. It will be really cool to get a chance to meet you when I get there besides meeting new people I do not have any expectations about the event. I am really excited to get two Be able to take a vacation I have not been on a vacation in many many many years. I have never met anybody from steem it in person, this will be my first opportunity and I'm very excited about this. This is a very good post I am not good at doing videos but I'm learning and try my best. I am looking forward to see more posts by you they are very interesting, Thank you for sharing


Thanks for your kind words. Krakow is a great city itself for a holiday, with SteemFest it’s gonna be awesome! I’m looking forward to meet you too. Btw, I think your videos are great, I’m not good at making videos either. Too shy with camera, have to get over it eventually lol.


I am feeling strange about being on camera too, we can work through it and get some good footage ...I want to work in Poland but don't want to spend my whole trip on the computer although I am sure I will spend a lot of time. Still working on my game plan and trying to figure out a way to work smart so I am not in the hotel room editing the whole trip :) Really looking forward to it and meeting you too :)